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What is the G-List?

The G-List is a growing table of defects that the drive uses to avoid bad sectors that have developed since its factory formatting, the drive marks a sector as bad and then allocates a reserve sector from a special area for the drive to use so that the LBA of the drive does not change.

Maxtor G-List corruption cause drive failure

Operation: At startup, the Maxtor hard disk loads the service data from its firmware zone into RAM and calculates the checksums of certain critical modules before allowing the drive to report on readiness. One of these modules is the G-List. When one of these drives fail with a G-List fault it will:

*  not report readiness
*  will be recognised by the PC BIOS by its factory alias
*  refuse to allow access to user data

Possible repair and data recovery: Despite G-List inaccessibility, successful recovery of the drive and the data on it is often possible as a complete copy of the defects stored within the G-List is also located in the Pivot Defects table, the same drive table that is actually used by the drive when loading the defects and translating the Logical Block Addressing (LBA) of the drive at start-up.

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