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RAID data loss prevention tips, the following information will be useful:

* While copying data from an old harddrive onto another that is used in the array, make sure that the old disk is kept around for a while. This way, you will have the original data at your disposal in case of any fault or errors.
* When selecting the RAID level make sure you get one that is suitable for your needs. RAID level 1 is appropriate for faster reads and basic redundancy. For further functions you could select the other levels of RAID.

* In a multi-user environment, RAID-5 is a good choice because of its speed and data protection.
* If you are confused about whether to buy the hardware based or software based RAID array it is good to remember that hardware based arrays do not require software to boot. It also has the logic within them and is more fault tolerant. If you are concerned about disaster recovery planning, then hardware array is the best choice!

* Do not reinitialize your RAID array! If your stripe is damaged this can permanently destroy your data.
* Do not run FSCK or any FSCK variant! This can destroy your group descriptors and damage the inodes. Under UNIX, MD can still show a valid volume even when the disks have synchronization errors. Running any form of FSCK can be catastrophic.

* Do not run CHKDSK! If you see a volume and partial or no data, this will not correct your stripe and can cause serious damage to your data. We have a nickname for CHKDSK in the lab, “The Shredder”.
* Do not rebuild your RAID array! Doing so can re-stripe your data causing permanent damage.
* Do not rely on your hardware vendor! They are not RAID recovery engineers!

Despite the fact that RAID arrays offer increase in performance and speed, the files can also become corrupted and disorganized, in that case make sure to run your preferred software for scanning and checking your disks regularly.

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