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The most frequent reasons of any flash drives damages are the problems of electrical and thermal character.

Flash Electrical damages
Static electricity, wrong power supply cable connection and other problems with power are the reasons of the burnt controller which makes any access to the contents of the flash-memory microchips impossible. In case of short-term disturbances in power, the controller is unlike to become damaged but it can cause the failure at data modification on memory microchips, that’s why the logics of translator mechanism work is damaged, which is similar to the damaged controller judging from the outside features.

Taking into consideration that the controller operates with the data blocks of the minimal size of about 128 kb, this short-time failure can cause full deletion of the main file system structures, which will make the further functioning of the drive impossible.

Flash Overheating
While working, the components of flash storage devices produce heat. They are often cooled not enough, because of the tendency to minimize these drives and make them look pretty.

About pc-3000 flash

pc-3000 flash is a professional tool for recovering data from physically and logically damaged flash storage devices. Based on hardware and working in conjunction with software, it creates a powerful algorithm to recreate data structure in automatic and manual modes.
Before the launching of PC-3000 Flash, one of the solutions to retrieve data from the flash memory drive with damaged controller is to find a replacement identical controller. But not anymore, PC-3000 Flash can read your data straight from NAND chips and automatically or manually reconstructs the data!

PC-3000 Flash recovers data from flash drives at:

* serious mechanical damages
* serious electrical damages of PCB
* logical structure damages
* damaged controller
* accidentally deleted files

Guilde for Flash chips data recovery with PC-3000 Flash

If the flash storage device is not recognized in your system or it is impossible to access the data on it, next steps can help you to get the data from it:

1. Solder all microchips of the drive memory using the soldering station.
2. Read data from microchips with PC-3000 Flash reader.
3. Launch raw data analysis operation and select the most suitable recovery method. Utility will automatically do all operations to recover the data for known type of controller. If flash drive is not known, and utility cannot find any suitable recovery method automatically, you can recover the data, by applying operations manually.
4. For difficult flash data recovery cases, it is possible to gather necessary data about your case and put it to Ace Laboratory developers ftp server. Actual database of known flash drives is regularly updated.

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