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Password recovery is one common recovery case you may meet and if this happen to be your case, the following info will help you be clear about how your data is secured and when should you perform a password recovery.

Add a password to the object file

To add a password to the object file is to ensure that the file could only be accessed if the right password is supplied. Different files could be protected with different passwords and the level of security normally depends on the algorithm, password length and character combinations.

Encrypt the file system

After you encrypt the file system, if you want to access any of the object files or folders under the file system, the right keys or passwords (or a combination of them) need to be supplied. Such method has the advantage of protecting all the target files and folders with “on-the-fly” decryption. Also, modern encryption algorithm makes hacking or decryption rather impossible without the original password or keys.

Secture the whole data media by password

Another way to secure your data is to protect the whole data media before one is allowed to access it for reading or writing operation. This method normally has the consensus agreement from all the media manufacturers covering all security issues. By passing such security poise a real challenge.

From information above, we learn the ‘key’ or ‘password’ is very important for yourself to access your data. How about if you lose the key? This is why password recovery becomes common! Most people don’t have a good way to keep or remember the password!

The following information will tell when you should perform a password data recovery:

* Forget the original passwords
* Corruption of original keys due to system crashes
* Lost the keys due to refreshing of operating system
* Unknown password lock after employees left the company
* Computer forensic services to access password protected objects

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