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As the demand for computer forensic experts increased, various universities and colleges have started running specialized courses for computer forensics. While most universities offer courses online, some do offer regular On-Campus courses for the same.

List of some of the best Universities that carry out both online and off line computer forensics programs.

American Intercontinental University
The American Intercontinental University or the AIU is one of the most reputed universities offering such courses. You can earn one of the most reputed Bachelor’s degrees in Computer forensics and a Master’s degree in Internet security through the AIU.

Kaplan University
The Kaplan University provides degrees in computer crime and criminal justice. The University doesn’t provide a Master’s degree but deals only in a bachelor’s degree.

Virginia College
The Virginia College runs courses that would help you in earning a Master’s degree in cyber security.

University of Phoenix
The University of Phoenix runs regular and online courses for associate degrees in Information Systems, Bachelor’s degree in information security and Master’s degree in information technology.

Colorado State University
Similar programs are run by the Colorado State University, offering associate degree in Information Technology, Bachelor’s degree in IT security and Master’s degree in Information technology.

Capella University
The Capella University also runs highly reputed online programs specializing in IT and Information systems.

Westwood College
The Westwood College offers commendable online and offline degrees for Bachelor’s in Information retrieval and Information security- two of the most important skills you would need in order to stay afloat in the field of computer forensics.

George Washington University,Pittsburgh Technical University, Potomac College and Utica College
Some of the most famous ON-Campus computer forensics courses are run by The George Washington University, Pittsburgh Technical University and Potomac College. The George Washington University offers Master’s courses in Forensic science in the fields of Security Management and High technology Crime Investigation. Finally, the Utica College offers two of the best and most focused online Bachelor’s courses in the field of computer forensics in the field of cyber crime investigation & forensics and in the field of information assurance. Both these courses have the latest to offer in the world of cyber crime investigations.

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