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Smoke particles and fire debris can cling to disk and tape surfaces subjecting the computer system to serious damage. Recording media can be damaged from the exposure to excessive heat that can in turn cause computer electronics to immediately shut down. Because certain operations during a disk or tape write cycle get interrupted in the case of a fire all opened files are also at risk of being destroyed.

Fire Safety Tips

* The monitor should always be shut off if unattended because it generates high voltage internally and can start an electrical fire. Turning off the monitor will not disrupt the computer’s operation or compromise data in any way and potentially save you from disaster. Turning off your monitor is a good fire prevention method.
* Protective dust covers should be removed when operating a computer, monitor or printer. Excessive heat can build up and cause an eventual failure that may result in an electrical fire.
* The electrical outlet that services your computer should be properly grounded and have sufficient power rating to accommodate the components connected to it.
* Make sure that your facilities meet local fire safety codes.

* Do not try to operate the drive. Running a damaged drive will cause internal components to break down and may permanently damage the delicate platters that store your information.
* Do not attempt to clean the drive. Data recovery specialists will be able to carefully and securely clean your drive, maximizing your chances of recovery. Home cleaning chemicals and water will cause further damage.
* Ground yourself before removing the drive from the computer. Fire damaged drives still have delicate electronics, so touch the metal back of a desktop computer or a grounding screw to avoid causing any static shock. Try to avoid touching the electronics board (PCB) of your hard drive.

Firware damaged disks can also be recoveryable to some extent and you should always find a reliable data recovery company with professional data recovery tools to find your important data back if you find it necessary. Anyway, to package your drive safely is very important when you are going to seek data recovery help.

Fire damage to your hard drive weakens the internal components of a hard drive, so safe packaging is especially important. Pack the drive in an anti-static bag and about 5 inches of bubble wrap, taking care to ensure that the hard drive is firmly placed in the box and unable to move during transit.

Ship the drive as quickly as possible. Fire damaged drives must be treated very quickly to avoid further damage. Choose a shipping company that can provide you with a tracking number and keep a record of the tracking number until your case is delivered.

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