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Learn more about Hard Drive Water Damage

Hard Drive Water Damage is associated with natural disasters, burst pipes and office fire systems. Whatever the specific cause, it’s worth noting that water damaged hard drives are encountered regularly.

Hard Drive Water Damage

The recovery of data from water damaged disks is invariably of critical importance to the owner. If the data was backed up, it’s almost certain that the backup copies were kept at the same location. They were also victims of hard drive water damage.

The first thing that needs to be understood is that recovering data from a water damaged hard drive is possible, but only by specialists. It should not be attempted by anyone except a qualified person armed with all the necessary data recovery equipment and facilities.

Second, turn off power to the drive. Under no circumstances attempt to use the disk drive or laptop.

Third, water damaged drives should be handled with extreme care and no attempt should be made to dry them out. In fact, keep them wet or at least damp by putting them in a sealed plastic bag with a moist sponge. Drives must to be kept moist or damp so as to reduce the possibility of sediment hardening or scaling on the surface of platter(s).
water damage

Finally, pack the drives with extreme care for the trip to meet a specialist. If the water damage was the consequence of a natural disaster, it’s probable that your local specialists will be “inundated” with work for some time. You may need to ship the drive interstate in order to receive prompt attention.

As is often the case with laptop security threats the most reliable solution is to regularly backup and store copies in a secure remote location.

More about Hard Drive Water Damage

Computer system reliability is at risk when there is either an excess or insufficient humidity in the environment.

* Both excess and insufficient humidity in the environment in the computer room can threaten system reliability. Too much moisture in the air can accelerate oxidation of electronic circuits, conductors and connectors, and can provide high-resistance current paths that make circuits perform unpredictably.
* A lack of moisture in the air increases the potential for equipment ‘zapping’ from static-electricity.

Sources of water damage
A common cause of water damage to computers is caused by:

* the rupturing of water pipes,
* excess vapour condensation within air-conditioning units,
* sprinkler systems,
* water or halon fire retardants that ironically, are in place to protect computer rooms.

Fire Safety Devices
These fire safety devices can cause severe damage to electronic devices if they are used while power is applied to those circuits. Unfortunately when an alarm is first sounded it is mandatory that employees leave there stations and evacuate the premises. This leaves computers active and susceptible to more danger than if they had been shut down.

Any type of water damage will render a computer useless. However, trained data recovery specialists have been known to retrieve precious files from computers that have survived the worst of circumstances.

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