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When you are smoking before you computer, have you ever thought you’re murdering your computer?

What most people don’t realize that while they are chain smoking for hours in front of their system, their computer is sucking in the ailments. Electronics are hot, and naturally create an environment for dust to collect around its circuitry. What makes cigarette smoke the worse kind of “dust” is that it isn’t dry. The smoke carries moisture with it.

So in time, the smoke and all of its by-products attach themselves to the computers fans, heatsinks, capacitors, and anything else that has heat. Apart from this, smoke changes the color of the exterior of the computer. This includes the keyboard, monitor (really rough on LCD screens), mouse, and any other component exposed to the open air.

After some time’s smoking before your computer,  you will find a lot of thick, sticky  stuff and it is more than dust. It is moist, sticky, smoke packed with chemicals. More or less a cancer to a computer.

If you are going to clean computer out, I recommend using compress air, cotton swabs, and rubbing alcohol 70% or 90% (90% is better.) You will want to be sure your computer has been off for at least 30 minutes before using any of the above. Don’t forget to ground yourself to discharge any static electricity, you don’t want to kill your computer by electric shock.

For any smoker, I recommend cleaning your computer out every 6 months. If your not comfortable doing the cleaning yourself, then have a technician do this for you.

Next, I would go outdoors, or in your garage where you don’t care if this crude gets on stuff and blow out all the loose particles. Next you will be cleaning in and out of components for a long time with cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. Be careful not to bend or break any small components. Don’t leave any wet residue behind. After cleaning the system, let it set for an hour to ensure the rubbing alcohol has evaporated.

Having an air purifier beside your computer, will help with air pollution. It isn’t going to keep it completely clean, but will help if your going to be smoking near it. If you don’t want to spend this money, you may consider twice before lighting up in front of your system, unless you like throwing away your money on new computers often.
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