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Dane-Elec ‘So SuperSpeed’ HDDs and SSDs will support the upcoming USB 3.0 standard

DANE-ELEC MEMORY is one manufacturer in the world of memory modules and boards for computers, telecommunications and digital appliances. Dane-Elec Group owns thru Europe, USA and Asia.

Dane-Elec has announced a series of external hard drives, the So SuperSpeed HDDs and SSDs, that will support the upcoming USB 3.0 standard. The drives will provide data transfer speeds of up to 250MBps, which is roughly ten times the rate available in current USB 2.0 devices. The So SuperSpeed drives consist of USB 3.0 HDDs which range in capacity of 500GB to 2TB and come in 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch formats, along with 80GB and 160GB SSDs that have been re-branded as Intel M-25 drives.

The new external hard drives are designed to handle large amounts of data in small office settings, offering optimum speed for transferring and storing photos, music and videos.

As most users currently lack a laptop or PC with integrated USB 3.0 components, the company will also offer USB 3.0 adapters for PCIe or ExpressCard slots. The adapters are designed to bring the faster speed capabilities to older machines.

The So SuperSpeed drives are scheduled for release on December 11th, coinciding with the launch of USB 3.0-compatible laptops and PCs. Prices are said to start at $180 for the 500GB HDDs, while the SSDs are priced at $400 for the 80GB capacity and $800 for the 160GB variant.

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