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The SCSI stands for the Small Computer System Interface. The SCSI provides an interface for the RAID technology used for the storage of the data over the RAID servers. Most of the SCSI interfaces that are used for the RAID provide the faster transmission of the data in terms of the rates per second. The transmission rates may go for the speed of as much as 80 mega bytes per second. This rate of data transmission is much higher than that of the rate achieved in the serial or the parallel devices that could be used to provide the interface for the RAID storage devices. More over there is the possibility of providing support to many devices.

There is the provision of attaching many devices to the single SCSI port. Hence in this case the SCSI works as the Input Output device bus instead of an interface. Since SCSI is considered as the standard from the ANSI; there exist many available variations for it. Hence the two different SCSI interfaces are usually considered to be the compatible. For the sake of an example consider the SCSI; it supports the different types of the connectors that are available for the purpose.

The SCSI is considered as the interface that is a standard for the machines such as the iMac comes with IDE – that is available along with the less expensive interface system. It is because the controller available for this is integrated along with the disk or else with the CD Drive or the DVD drive. Another example for this is the Macintosh. The SCSI can be attached to the devices of a computer by the usage or the insertion of the SCSI board in one of the expansion slots. Most of the high end computing machines or the computers come along with the SCSI as a built in. However, the lack of single SCSI device standard may mean that some of the devices may not work along with the SCSI boards.

The purpose or the main reason why a SCSI is used along with the RAID is that it is much affordable than a person might think of the implementation. It provides a cheap and reliable system onto the server. And the SCSI is more commonly used in the servers and the workstation computer systems. The major reason for this utilization is the RAID itself. Redundant array of independent disks – RAID utilizes the series of hard disk drives that can increase the performance of the system.

It can also further provide fault tolerance. More over it could be used for the specific reason of both the properties. The hard disk drives are usually connected together and they are treated as one single entity that is logical in nature. This means that the system sees the entire series of disk drives as a one large and big drive. This large and the big disk drive can be used like the any other disk drive. All the features that can be used over the normal drives can be performed over here like formatting and partitioning etc.

The performance is enhanced due to the reason of the striping. It symbolizes that there may be more drives that can be read and write at a given same time. The SCSI RAID controller is used here to determine that which of the disk drive is used to get the data that is chunk and it sends the appropriate data to the most appropriate disk drive. More over the fault tolerance is also increased by the process of mirroring. Another method used in lieu of the mirroring is the parity; that could be used for the fault tolerance.

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