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The well known Western Digital Hard Disk Drive designed for RAID is Western Digital RAID Edition EIDE 250 GB Hard Drives is a heavy duty, high cycle RAID system engineered to get a high intensity RAID system. It is designed and manufactured to standards and to provide continuous duty cycle environment. The features of Western Digital Hard Disk Drive is time-limited error recovery which helps in improving the flexibility of the RAID adapters; prevents drive fallout. It provides 1 million hours enterprise class reliability standards. It helps in getting 8 MB cache achievement and provides a higher percentage of cache and is significantly more faster compared to the Industry Standards.

It is provided with Fluid Dynamic Bearings which improves the hard drive reliability. It helps in reduction of heat, vibration and noise. General Specification of the Western Digital Hard Disk Drive are, It has a rotational speed of 7,200 Rotation Per Minute. Its Buffer Size is of eight MB. Its Average Latency is 4.20 ms. It provides Contact Start/Stop Cycles with a minimum of 0 minimum. It has a Number of Heads generally six. Its formatted capacity is 250,059 MB. It has an Interface Capacity of 250 GB. There are three Platters. The number of Bytes Per Sector is 512.

The User Sectors Per Drive is 488,397,168. Its Read Seek Time is 8.9 milli second. It has a Write Seek Time Average of 10.9 ms. It can keep the Track-To-Track Seek Time of 2.0 ms. The Full Stroke Seek is 21.0 ms. It provides a good Transfer Rates from Buffer To Disk at a rate of 748 Mbits/s. Western Digital hard drives are perfect examples of how enterprise class hardware can become popular among PC enthusiasts. The drives are used at servers, and network attached storage devices, but that has not stopped the gaming rigs that would look rather out of place.

Its main feature is that it is Fast, the first product to introduce an fastest 8 MB buffer, and has an advantage of caching algorithms of the new and improved hard drives, resulting in next generation high performance speed 16 MB cache drives and another important and interesting feature is that it is a Cool-running, the important factor that effect the performance is heat and is a major contributor to hard drive wear, and cool drive operating temperatures help to increase long-term drive reliability.

This results in lowest operating temperature of any hard drive in it’s class by lowering the drives’ power consumption through advanced engineered operation in electronics industry. It is Quiet, Today’s PCs and digital video recorders and gaming machines are increasingly operated in environments where noise is less tolerated. The Western Digital Hard Disk Drive designed for RAID optimizes specification of RE drives, together with the product that is used to increase reliability with the qualification of the Western Digital product for our new Appliance and hence the product Western Digital Hard Disk Drive designed for RAID is highly preferred due to these friendly features.

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