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>>How to Install RAID on Mac OS

RAID installation on Mac OS box is very easy and procedure oriented. Well, here is the procedure of how to install a RAID on Mac OS: First, we have to Install a new hard drive. Secondly, we have to install Boot off Mac OS X. Thirdly, Install an OS on the new hard disk. Then reboot and hold the Option key to get the boot and Boot off the new hard disk , then open a terminal to root after opening the terminal we have to do the following: Look for the old disk in the output, will probably be disk1.

Next test run the enable RAID mirror disk1 and will see that the disk will disappear from the desktop for about 30 seconds, then re-appear. At this point, reboot the system and hold down Option while it reboots the whole system, then select the old disk to boot from the Option and just Log in and open the Disk Utility app in Applications. Please do not forget select the RAID volume and the RAID tabular. Then drag the new disk to the RAID. The system will try to rebuilt, Rebuilding usually take 1-2 hours depending on the size of your disk.

We have many other faster and much easier way for RAID Installation on Mac OS, especially when you already being suggested that the user back up their boot disk. If you have backed up your boot disk, then boot off that drive. Put them in any drives into your desktop or server that you want, then follow the normal Disk Utility routines to create a mirrored drive. This is a fast process that will not require the copying of the master disk. Once the mirror is done, copy your boot disk to this RAID set and reboot. These two alternatives have a mirrored drive setup. But, don’t use only support mirroring. Mac OS allows making RAID objects at the partition level which allows for more flexible use. It is possible to mirror say only the first partitions of two drives.

There is one more option which will let you to know how install OS X on the second drive, without using single-user mode. We instead booted from a CD usually keep a CD made from Boot CD so it wasn’t extra effort in my case. RAID can also be connected to Mac OS X Server, Windows & Linux. In addition to it can also certified by many of the biggest companies providing network solutions. With a rapid rate of transfer up can get a speed of 80MB/s and secure RAID technology, it’s ideal for audio/visual professionals who has performance at reasonable price. The RAID configuration offers a perfect combination of total available capacity and data rescue capability – supporting RAID levels 0, 0+1, 5, and RAID 5+hot spare with automatic background rebuilding (RAID 5).

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