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The storage controllers are the set of components that allows you to store programs and data on your PC. The term “permanent” is used to store the data permanently into the system memory, while temporary holds data until your PC is on. The storage controllers are a very important part of the PC after all they hold the programs and data on your PC.

The storage subsystem consists of two types of hardware. the storage devices, which are the drives that hold data. Generally, the systems contain one or more of the following storage devices: one or more hard disk, CD-ROM or CD-RW or DVD drives, Floppy disk drives, Tape drives and other media drives, such as Zip disk drives and so on. Each of these storage devices talks to the PC through an interface, which is used as an internal communication channel used to transfer information to and from the storage device. The interface runs between the controller on the storage device, and a matching controller within the PC system.

The different types of Storage Controllers in your system are Floppy disk controller, for floppy disk drives, SCSI controller, for SCSI hard disks & CD-ROM drives, Universal Serial Bus controller, for USB devices. Some of these controllers, such as floppy controllers, are usually built on the chipset of the motherboard. Industry-standard consumer generally use the IDE/ATA interface for hard disks, the floppy interface for the floppy drive and USB for both storage devices. There are many different parameter of the storage subsystem that have an effect on the capabilities of the PC as a whole.

The characteristics of the storage controllers are Capacity, This characteristics of the storage devices in the system decide how much storage capacity the system has. For example, a system with a 2 GB hard disk is sufficient for office work and Internet access. The second characteristic is performance, the storage devices in the system, especially the hard disk, have an influence in overall system performance.

Since most storage devices are mechanical, they are much slower than electronic components such as the motherboard and CPU. The third characteristic and important of the Storage controller is flexibility, it provides support for software in various forms for media such as audio CDs and DVD movies. In a modern PC, the hard disk is most important storage device, because it is the fastest, highest capacity device and is where your operating system, applications and data reside. The other devices are also important for accessing less-used files, for installing software, for transferring data to other PCs and similar secondary uses. Thus, the Storage controllers are major and vital part of the system, it can holds the data and programs in the system and can makes sure that the data is not lost.

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