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Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is a file of code containing functions, which comes in use when needed by the executable program. DLL files are an important part of the Windows operating system and are required for appropriate system operation. But, when a DLL file is missing or corrupt, the system prompts an error message, due to which the booting process of the system halts. In such situations, you cannot access your system and ultimately your hard drive data becomes inaccessible. To overcome such situations you can use a healthy data backup to restore your data. However, if you have not maintained any backup, then you will need to seek help from a reputed hard drive recovery company.

For instance – At times, when you run a program that needs to use DLL file, you receive the below mentioned error message:

“Cannot find the file Program_Name.exe”

This error message occurs if the DLL file is not found by the program. Program_Name in this error message represents the name of the program or one of its components in which the error has occurred. Generally, you may receive another error message after the above mentioned error message:

“Error starting program. A required .DLL file

DLL_Name.DLL was not found.”

In this error message, DLL_Name is the name of the DLL file that is responsible for the error to occur.


Possible causes for the above mentioned error messages are:

* A system file that was required by the program( that you are using) has been deleted. This generally happens when a program is installed or uninstalled. This can also happen when you try to free space on the hard disk.
* Virus infection in the DLL file.
* Corrupt DLL entries in Windows registry.


Consider the following measures to resolve the problem:

* You can workaround the problem with the help of registry editor or cleaner software. But this resolution is not recommended as improper editing of the computer registry may prove fatal for your computer system.
* Another way to get rid of the problem is to re-install the Windows operating system. But, when you re-install the operating system, all the data from the hard drive gets deleted creating worst data loss scenarios. But, there is no need to worry as your data can still be recovered. For complete recovery of your data, you need use disk recovery services. Data Recovery Services are provided by various data recovery companies who employ the experience of their highly proficient experts to recover your hard drive data with full efficiency.


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