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MBR is for the whole hard disk, while DBR is for individual partition. The first sector of each MBR is DBR. Just as MBR, DBR contains some information that the boot operation system need. If DBR is corrupted, you can neither visit the partition nor start up the operation system of the partition.

If boot sector is damaged, the possible symptoms are:
1. Invalid media type reading drive
2. Abort Retry Fail?
3. File system is displayed as “RAW”
4. Windows may ask if you want to format the drive
5. File names contain “weird” characters
6.”Sector not found” messages

Moreover, for partitions of NTFS, the functions of DBR are not all the same as that of FAT partition. For FAT partition, DBR locates FDT and FAT (correspondingly as well as DATA), but not verifying the correctness and reasonableness of FDT and FAT. For partition of NTFS, we need more units to load the file system, which is more complex than FAT.  What if when the DBR is destroyed? Usually, there are methods as following:

Recover DBR by Format
If there is no important data in this partition, or you have backed up the data, the best way to recover DBR is direct high-level format, fast format or complete format. If there is no limitation of   partition form and capacity, there would be no difference between DOS format and Windows format except speed. Format is quite thorough, it can completely rearrange the data storage, even “reset” former file fragmentation.

Although this method is simple, it cannot recover data actually especially if you choose some different parameters. If you choose different system reserved sectors, or use clusters of different size, or change the size of FAT table etc, data recovery will be more difficult.

Besides, you are able to use some data recovery software to recover the DBR. for example, you can use Fixboot of Partition Table Doctor or you may use WinHex to recover DBR   WinHex is powerful in disk editor. With backup DBR in WinHex to recover the DBR sector is convenient and fast. But for its strong specialization of WinHex we recommend that you choose easy-to-use software tool for integrity and correctness of the data.

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