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Basic Steps Of  Hard Disk Drive Platter Swap

The following steps are just for some simple and basic platter swap and different platters have different features, like different counts of platters, with or without spacer, etc. This will require some good platter swap tools and then you are able to make it.

Step 1
Buy a new hard drive that’s the same model as the platter you are swapping out of the existing computer hard drive.

Step 2
Set up an area to work in that is as clean as you can make it. Dust, vacuum and turn off your air conditioning or heat and the fan so that no air circulates while you swap out the platters.

Step 3
Put on latex gloves and an anti-static wrist strap.

Step 4
Remove the PC’s outer cover so the internal components, including the hard drive, are exposed.

Step 5
Touch an unpainted portion of the computer’s casing if you don’t have an anti-static wrist strap. This grounds you against electric shock from any stray static electricity.

Step 6
Remove the hard drive from the PC. Unscrew and remove the hard drive cover.

Step 7
Look closely at the hard drive platters before going any further. If there is visible warping, scorching, scoring or any other visible damage, then swapping out the old platter for a new one won’t do you any good because a new platter will just be damaged the same way by whatever damaged the existing platter.

Step 8
Unscrew and remove the cover from the new hard drive.

Step 9
Extract the platters from the new drive.

Step 10
Extract the platters from the old, existing drive.

Step 11
Place the old platters into the new drive and reassemble.

Step 12
Install the new hard drive into your PC.

Step 13
Copy data from the old platters as soon as possible. There is no guarantee how long the old platters will be viable.

Step 14
Remove the hard drive and get rid of it. It will fail pretty quickly after you finish the procedure. Hopefully you’ve bought yourself enough time to get your data off the old platters so you won’t need them anymore anyway.

Above information is just for beginners to get one general idea of platter swap. So if you have your own unique methods of platter swap, please share with us and we will be greatly appreciated.

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