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Special tools and equipment may be required to collect electronic evidence. Experience has shown that advances in technology may dictate changes in the tools and equipment required.  There should be access to the tools and equipment necessary to document, disconnect, remove, package, and transport electronic evidence.

Preparations should be made to acquire the equipment required to collect electronic evidence. The needed tools and equipment are dictated by each aspect of the process: documentation, collection, packaging, and transportation.
Departments should have general crime scene processing tools (e.g., cameras, notepads, sketchpads, evidence forms, crime scene tape, markers). The following are additional items that may be useful at an electronic crime scene:

Documentation tools
cable tags
indelible felt tip markers
stick-on labels

Disassembly and removal tools
A variety of nonmagnetic sizes and types of:
flat-blade and philips-type screwdrivers
hex-nut drivers
needle-nose and standard pliers
secure-bit drivers
small tweezers
specialized screwdrivers (manufacturer-specific, e.g. hp, macintosh)
wire cutters

Package and transport supplies
antistatic bags
antistatic bubble wrap
cable ties
evidence bags of various sizes
evidence tape
packing materials
sturdy boxes of various sizes
parcel tape
used diskette (for transportation)
a means of secure transport

Other items
Items that also should be included within a department’s tool kit are:
magnifying glass
digital camera
blank paper
large elastic bands
seizure disk
list of useful telephone numbers
small torch
mobile phone
unused floppy diskettes (3 1/2 & 5 1/4)
write blocker
numerous and various cables etc.
sim card reader
antistatic mat

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