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From the previous article, we can find the strengths and risks of different protection, detection and correction options.

While IS executives have had extensive experience with more conventional protection, detection, and correction tools like backup and restoration, data re-entry, and RAID systems, they are often unaware of the possibilities provided by professional data recovery services. Like the other protection, detection, and correction tools discussed in the previous section, data recovery does have its drawbacks. For instance, technological capabilities and staff expertise make some data recovery companies far better equipped than others to recover data. Further-
more, if an organization is unfettered by time constraints, and the data they lose is not central to continued business operations, professional data recovery services may be unnecessary from an economic perspective.

However, when time is crucial and data is mission-critical, data recovery may be the most practical option available. That is because data recovery professionals recover data from the damaged media itself, providing several advantages over alternative methods of data retrieval. First, professional recovery is complete. While many people use commercial software utilities in an effort to retrieve lost data, these utilities can often destroy what was otherwise recoverable informa-tion. Data recovery professionals can safely enter the system or media to achieve a comprehensive data recovery. Second, professional recovery services recover current data. Although many
people revert to backups following a data loss, those backups typically contain outdated information. Third, professional data recovery service is fast. Every second that passes following a data disaster means time and money lost to your company. Professional service reduces this downtime by quickly recovering and returning your
data. Fourth, professional services are cost-effective. The expense in time, money, and effort of rebuilding or re-keying lost data can be overwhelming to your company. Professional recovery services provide the quickest and most complete data recovery possible. Finally, professional services provide an extra level of protection,
detection, and correction. These services can be used to augment a company’s current data integrity and security procedures, or to assist a company that falls victim to a catastrophic loss.

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