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In many instances, data recovery is not just the most practical protection, detection, and correction option available, it is the only option available. The following are examples of data loss situations during which professional data recovery services are essential to the safe return of your endangered data.

Data recovery is necessary when you lack a backup system.
Without the safety net of a dependable backup system, a data loss of any size could prove disastrous for your organization. In this instance, data recovery experts can utilize the appropriate tools and technology to recover your critical data.

Data recovery is necessary when your backup and restore system fails.
While typically reliable, your backup and restore process can be compromised by unreadable backups, corrupted backup data, and improper backup procedures. Furthermore, even if the backup is successful, there will be a time gap between the last backup session and the data loss. As a result, your current data will not be recovered and restored. In the event of backup failure, data recovery professionals can safely enter your system or media to completely recover your most recent data.

Data recovery is necessary when your mirrored system fails.
In order to safeguard critical business information, many organizations simulta-neously copy data to two separate computer systems. If, however, that data is corrupted before it is copied, or if one or both of the two systems fail, your critical data may be irrevocably lost or destroyed. Data recovery professionals can rectify this situation by directly accessing the storage media itself to perform a swift and accurate recovery.

Data recovery is necessary when re-creation is impractical or impossible.
Data re-creation or re-keying involves a number of unseen costs that can make it an impractical, if not impossible, option. First is the cost in time. Not only is the re-keying process slow, it keeps employees from working on today’s business. Next is the cost in money. A National Computer Security Association survey found that it costs nearly $100,000 to rebuild 20 megabytes of data lost by an average engineering department. Finally, there is the cost in quality. Inputting lost data manually increases the chance for user error and threatens data integrity. In contrast, professional data recovery service can provide a fast, cost-effective, and accurate return of your data.

Data recovery is necessary when you fall victim to computer crime.
If your organization’s data is intentionally stolen, altered, or destroyed, professional data recovery services can help. ONTRACK Data Recovery features a Computer Evidence Services division that can locate and analyze
computer data evidence, and support you with expert testimony if your computer crime incident results in legal proceedings. In this and many other instances, data recovery service is the lone protection, detection, and
correction solution available.

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