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Hitachi hard drive does not require product registration. The warranty is determined by the serial number of the drive.  With your hard drive’s serial number, check to see if your drive is still covered under Hitachi’s warranty using the tool below.

hitachi hard drive warranty quick check

The Hitachi serial number location can vary depending on the drive series. The serial number is usually on the hard drive label or located on the front edge of the drive (the opposite edge of the connectors) on a bar code sticker. It is typically eight characters long and may appear as four characters on top of four other characters.

When you are going to returning the drive to Hitachi, you will pay the shipping costs and Hitachi GST will pay the shipping costs when shipping a replacement to you. please note the following important tips:

Your hard drive should be packaged in Hitachi GST-approved packaging or packaging that provides the product with protection equivalent to the original packaging. Several hard drives can be shipped in one box as long as they are shipped in Hitachi GST approved packaging. DO NOT send the drive in its external casing or with any type of adapter, cable or converter. Microdrive accessories such as adapters and carrying cases should not be sent with the drive.

Use the following guidelines as applicable:

– Internal Drive: * DO NOT send the drive in its mounting brackets, side rails, external casing or with any type of adapter, cable or converter. Remove accessories and spare parts, and return bare drive(s) only. Hitachi is not responsible for accessories. Accessories cannot be returned to you.

– External USB Storage:

* DO send the complete external drive unit to Hitachi (opening the unit will void the warranty).
* DO send the power adapter along with the external drive to Hitachi.
* DO NOT send the USB cable.

– Portable USB Storage:

* DO send the complete external drive unit to Hitachi (opening the unit will void the warranty).
* DO NOT send the USB cable.

– Notebook Upgrade Kit:

* DO NOT send the interface cables.

– Microdrive:

* DO NOT send adapters or carrying cases.

Note: If Hitachi GST approved packaging guidelines is NOT used, the warranty may be void. Hitachi GST recommends shipping the hard drive with a carrier that provides tracking information.

When you receive a hitachi drive for a return, You will receive a different hard drive. All data and software on your returned hard drive will be lost. You may be provided with an approved alternate part number if Hitachi GST does not have stock of the same part number. In some cases, the replacement product will be made using new and/or serviceable used parts. If the defective drive is part of a RAID environment, please contact the Support Center in your geography.

Hitachi GST is not able to offer data recovery services. If you want to find data recovery services for your hard drive and get your lost data back, you can email us by info(at) and we will recommend one professional data recovery provider in your local place with reasonable price and safe data recovery tools!

Learn more about Hitachi hard drive warranty here

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