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Toshiba offers complete repair and refurbishment services at their repair facility.

If you have a defective Toshiba Hard Disk Drive and you wish to claim for warranty, you have to distinguish between the two following possibilities:

1. If the Toshiba Hard Disk Drive was installed in another device (e.g. PC, laptop, Non-Toshiba branded external housing , MP3 player, etc.) when purchased, then it can only be repaired by the device manufacturer. Please contact the device manufacturer for information on the repair procedure.

2. If you bought the Toshiba Hard Disk Drive from a shop, then guarantee claims can only be made with the shop which sold you the drive. The contents of the guarantee comply with the legal regulations in the country, in which the product was purchased.

In Case of Toshiba Portable External Hard Disk Drives, this regulation only applies to devices with the following part numbers:


Toshiba does NOT provide a direct repair service for anyone other than our OEM customers. It is not possible to make claims directly to Toshiba in cases of possible defects. Therefore you should NEVER send a defective drive to Toshiba representatives, because they cannot process this type of transaction!

* Toshiba 2.5-inch Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) products purchased in the United States and Canada from Toshiba authorized distributors carry a 3-year limited warranty.
* Toshiba 1.8-inch Hard Disk Drive (“HDD”) products purchased in the United States and Canada from Toshiba authorized distributors carry a 1-year limited warranty.
* Toshiba’s USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive carry a one year limited or three year limited warranty, depending on model*.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A Return Authorization number (RMA) is required to return defective product.

A Return Authorization number (RMA) must be obtained prior to returning any product to the Repair Center.

The Toshiba’s Repair Center website can provide you with information on your Hard Disk Drive’s warranty status and also supply you with the form needed to obtain an RMA# via e-mail or fax.

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