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The following are some very useful PC troubleshooting tips you may follow to detect your computer and solve your computer problems by yourself. Improve your computer based knowledge and save some money by calling the technique support.

Symptoms 001: Computer Won’t boot, or error on boot
Troubleshooting guides:

* Nothing on the screen:
– Is the computer connected to a live power source?
– Is the monitor connected to the computer?
– Is the monitor turned on?
* Error message on the screen
– Is there a disk in the drive (floppy, CD)?
– Are the keyboard and mouse plugged in?
– Record the message and send it to tech support.
* Won’t boot all the way into Windows
– Can you boot into safe mode? (Press [F8] at startup)
– If you can boot into safe mode, will it let you reboot?
– Does the computer have a virus?

Symptoms 002: The monitor is with funny colors, no display
Troubleshooting guides:

* Is the monitor plugged into the computer fully?
* Is the monitor connected to a live power source?
* Is the monitor turned on?
* Is the computer turned on and active?
* Are the display settings correct (contrast, brightness, etc.)?
* If the monitor has a discoloration, does degaussing fix the problem?

Symptoms 003: Network problem-can’t log in, can’t surf Internet, not getting email
Troubleshooting guides:

* Is  the network cable plugged in?
* Is Caps Lock turned off when typing password?
* Has the network connection been disabled? (Check Control Panel > Network
* Does rebooting solve the problem?
* Are the lights on the network card lit up? If not, contact tech support.

Symptoms 004: Printer problems like poor print quality, not printing, printing garbage
Troubleshooting guides:

* Uneven colors, light print out
– Is the printer low on ink / toner?
– On a laser printer, does shaking the cartridge fix the problem?
* Won’t Print
– Is the printer connected to the computer?
– Is the printer connected to a live power source?
– Is the printer turned on?
– Has the printer been paused?  (see printer information in Control Panel)
* Printer is going crazy (printing garbage)
– Can you cancel the print job from the computer?
– Does turning off the printer fix the problem?
– Does unplugging the printer for about 30 seconds fix the problem?

Symptoms 005: Program Lock-ups-Program stops working or misbehaves
Troubleshooting guides:

* Can you press [Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] and end the program?
* Does rebooting the computer solve the problem?
* Does the computer have a virus?

Symptoms 006: No sound from speakers

Troubleshooting guides:

* Are the speakers plugged into the correct computer port?
* Are the speakers plugged into a live power source?
* Are the speakers turned on?
* Is the volume turned up loud enough on the speakers?
* Is the volume turned up loud enough on the computer?
* Has the audio been set to “Mute” in the computer settings?

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