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Foremay SSD has a wide range of SSD options of 1.8″ SSDs, 2.5″ SSDs, 3.5″ SSDs, military SSDs and PCIe SSDs. Foremay, Inc. was founded in 2002 in Silicon Valley, California, USA where it is also its headquarters. Foremay SSD has been increasingly receiving attentions from users worldwide.

Foremay SSD has the following 4 product families:

* SC199 family SSD- High Reliability, Special Computing, targeted to high reliable, rugged applications for both indoor and outdoor environment;

* EC188 family SSD-High IOPS, Enterprise Computing, With a maximum read speed up to 1,500 MB/sec, write speed up to 1,300 MB/Sec, high IOPS up to 500,000, and capacity up to 2TB;

* PC166 family SSD-High Speed, Personal Computing, geared towards applications that require low power consumption, long battery life, robustness against shock/ vibration/ drops, long life-time, data protection and security, noiseless operation, low heat generation, and improved system performance as well as being light, slim, and instant on;

* OC177 family SSD-High Integration, On-Board Computing, are flash disk modules designed to deliver integrated on-board computing with minimized footprint requirements for embedded solid state disk storage applications.

Important news for Foremay’s SSD

In June 2009 – Foremay announced one of the fastest 2.5″ SLC flash SSDs in the market. The SATA compatible SC199 Cheetah V-Series has sustained R/W speeds of 260MB/s and /250MB/s respectively and 42,000 random IOPS. Capacity options range from 32GB to 256GB.

That makes the 3rd Cheetah in my Animal Brands in the Storage Market Directory. Click on the link to see the full storage zoo.

In July 2009 – Foremay announced a new 1.8″ SLC flash SSD. The SATA compatible SC 199 Cheetah has sustained R/W speeds of 250MB/s and 220MB/s respectively. R/W IOPS are 6,000 and 5,200 respectively. Capacity options range from 16GB to 64GB. Endurance for the 16GB device is rated at 87 years assuming 50GB sequential writes per day.

In September 2009 – Foremay announced the SC199 Hi-Rel Series SLC flash SSDs in 1.8″, 2.5″ and 3.5″ form factors which meet military standards MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-833G. Operational temperature options include -40°C to approx 100°C.

In October 2009 – Foremay launched its EC188 Jaguar Series flash SSDs optimized for the Mac market. Form factors include 1.8″, 2.5″ and 3.5″, interface types include SATA, micro SATA, SATA LIF, IDE and IDE ZIF/LIF. Capacties range from 64GB to 1TB and R/W speeds are upto 260/230MB/s.

Also in October 2009 – Foremay entered the PCIe SSD market with its EC188 Dragon series – which is now sampling.

Supporting both x8 and x16 slots – R/W performance is upto 1.5 GB/s and 1.3 GB/s respectively. Both MLC and SLC models are available. Capacities range from 128GB to 4TB. Sequential R/W IOPS is up to 90,000/80,000. Random R/W IOPS is up to 27,000/12,000.

Features include power outage protection, dual PCIe configuration through a built-in PCIe RAID controller, and active garbage collection. OS support includes Windows, Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, and UNIX.

In November 2009 – Foremay announced it is shipping the world’s fastest 2.5″ SATA flash SSDs. The SC199 Cheetah Y-Series has R/W speeds up to 290/280 MB/s in 2.5″ and 3.5″ SATA form factors – which approaches the theoretical speed limit of the SATA-II protocol. It also delivers impressive R/W IOPS of up to 50,000/45,000 respectively.

Also in November 2009 – Foremay announced that secure erase and fast purge options are now available for most models in its SC199 SSD product family.

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