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Seagate hard drive data recovery cases can be the most popular recovery cases for data recovery companies and the following are some basic but important knowledge for those with access level of seagate data recovery.

Seagate Drive Families

Two Architectures: U Series and Barracuda
U Series: U6, U8, U10, UXX and B540
Barracuda: Barracuda I, II, III, IV, V, U7, Barracuda  7200.7 ( ALPINE, PUMA and  APLUS), U9,  Barracuda 7200.8 (TONKA), Barracuda 7200.9 (TONKA2, TONKA15, TONKA40, TLITE1HD  and  TLITE2HD), Barracuda7200.10 (NHAWK1HD, NHAWK2HD, GALAXY, GALAXY2D, GALAXY3D,  GALAXY4D and NHPLUS2HD), Saturn, Neptune,  MERCURY, MERC2, VENUS, M72, CORSAIR and MLITE

Note: The drive family, Maxtor DiamondMax, is Maxtor labeled but based on Seagate technology. It belongs to Barracuda architecture.

Seagate Firmware Structure

There are three portions of firmware in Seagate HDD:

-Code in Masked ROM: copy boot code in Serial ROM to controller  RAM
-Code in Serial Flash ROM: reads Application code from service area
-Main FW code in Disk: services terminal level and ATA commands

Seagate Firmware Compatibility

-Firmware version: Its version is indicated on the label, e.g.,  Firmware: 3.00. Donor requirements for firmware update need matching Firmware version.

-ROM version: The identification of ROM version should use output data in terminal mode, e.g., S.15.  Compatibility of two PCB boards requires same ROM version.

Seagate firmware repair tool,  Seagate bad sector repair tool recommended: HD Doctor for Seagate

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