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Who is able to survive and win in the data recovery market competition? Who is suffering a decreasing client visit and client satisfaction? If you have ever kept an eye on the data recovery market, you will find those with different brand of data recovery tools and solutions are always preferred by customers although they may have a higher cost to get their data back!

Who are the top data recovery services providers?

In the Americas including the North America, central America and South America, we often have impressions of such kind of data recovery services providers like DataMechanix, DATATECH LABS, FIRST Advantage, Flashback DATA, NORTEK, SalvageData, ESS data recovery, Top Tech Inc. Dba PC Warehouse, DriveSavers Data recovery, Ontrack Data recovery, DTIDATA recovery services, Data Savers, Vogon International, Etc.

In Europe, ME and Africa, the following data recovery services providers are often heard: Datex Europe, Disklabs, Norman Data Recovery, Ontrack Data Recovery, Recovery labs, TicTac, MICRO MANAGEMENT, PYTHON SYSTEMS Romania, Crash PC Service GmbH, DataRepair Belgium, DataDiscount, etc.

In APAC areas including China, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific islands, Asia, the following data recovery services providers are usually preferred:  Kroll Ontrack, SalvationDATA, Shanghai Myung Information Technologies, Vector Technology, Stellar Information, Datarecovery Thailand, Siaga Informatics SDN. BHD, ProTools DATA RECOVERY, DISK ANALYZERS, etc.

What are the top data recovery tools?

For data recovery software, many data recovery companies have easyrecovery, Winhex, Data Recovery Wizard, R-Studio, Ontrack data recovery software, Stellar data recovery software, etc.

For data recovery equipment which is hardware and software integrated tools, there are SalvationDATA “3+1” Data recovery tools plus flash doctor, ACE PC3k suites, Atola insight, etc.

Tips: Data recovery software alone is usually for personal and simple data recovery purpose, mostly stayed at the logical data recovery level; data recovery equipment is definitely a better choice to start real and serious data recovery business, data recovery equipment is always chosen for both logical data recovery and physical data recovery.

Why are above data recovery services providers able to defeat the competition and gain good data recovery business in their local data recovery market and even in the international data recovery market? People are willing to ship their patient hard drives, flash memories to them and are willing to pay higher or much higher to get the data back from these providers. Are you curious about this phenomenon? The truth is simple, to be 100% professional!

To be professional in data recovery field, firstly you need to have professional data recovery tools like the top data recovery tools listed above, you may not have all of them, you can decided which to own in the beginning according to your budget, but you should equip with more good solutions, the more, the better! You just need to avoid some repeated solutions to reduce your cost. Like the top data recovery services providers, they usually have SalvationDATA data recovery tools, or they have ACE data recovery tools, but some of them, they have set up the best example for us, they have both SalvationDATA and ACE data recovery tools, besides this, they have also their own data recovery programs and solutions. This example undoubtedly is a good combination of data recovery solutions to Bad sectors, firmware failure, Mechanical failure, Electrical failure, RAID failure, head/motor failure, etc. If you have SalvationDATA data recovery tools, your success rate is 80%, you have ACE tools, your success rate is 80% too, but if you have both, your success rate can be 90% or higher. People with this combination provide not only data recovery services, they also learn from the data recovery tools manufacturers and in this way, they are the really professional ones who will know the development direction of data recovery market, they will know what kind of new data recovery tools they should purchase and prepare, they will know how to follow the data recovery market precisely and invest wisely to keep their long lasting competitive power in the data recovery business.

Why are SalvationDATA and ACE data recovery tools preferred? The following information from their official website can give us some clues:

For ACE data recovery tools, they have a longer history than SalvationDATA and they also have a wide range of data recovery tools, the famous ones are their PC3k UDMA suite and their tools support a wide range of hard drives and flash memories.

For SalvationDATA data recovery tools, they have about 10 years of history and their famous tool is HD HPE PRO, Data compass and HD Doctor suite including HD Doctor for Seagate, HD Doctor for WD, HD Doctor for Maxtor and HD Doctor for Hitachi. Their newly released tool is flash doctor. It’s said SalvationDATA will release Samsung HD Doctor and SD imager after the Chinese new year and they are also manufacturing one SSD data recovery tool, which means their flash doctor will not support SSD data recovery. There’s another issue worth mentioning about SalvationDATA is their free software upgrade and technique support, this is attractive indeed.

To conclude, the more data recovery solutions you have, the better chance you will win the data back and satisfy your customers.

All information above are just some personal ideas and hope to be useful to all those who are entering data recovery market and I’m very willing to hear your voices.

By Peterson Smith



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