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The world’s first Data Copy King traveled to Germany for the yearly big event-CeBIT, attracting customers from worldwide for its beautiful appearance, color touch screen, the most important its industry’s fastest hard drive duplication speed at 6.8GB/min and its disk wipe speed at 7.2GB/min.

Data Copy King was born a successful disk image tool impressing the world. Besides the amazing data transfer speed, our representatives in the CeBIT also introduce another product highlight to customers, that’s the innovative bad sector repair and bypassing technology which makes Data Copy King outstanding and defeat any other similar imaging tools in the market and it copies all the possible data even if the hard drive has severe bad sectors at a high speed.

Data Copy King is also friendly designed for forensic computer professionals for forensic data capture with its CRC, MD5 and SHA-256 verification modes to make sure the data copied is exactly the same as those on the original hard drive. With its disk wipe solution, DCK supports up to 999 rounds of wiping out following strictly the DoD specifications and once wiped, never recoverable!

Let’s expect the official release of Data Copy King soon for the international market and the first 100 customers (from anywhere of the world) will get a gift 15% discount to get this professional imaging tool!

The following are the images of Data Copy King and other SalvationDATA data recovery tools in CeBIT: