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In the recent past, Information Security covering data backup and data destruction has received a lot of attention in the business and trade Press. Much of this can be attributed to an increase in security breaches leading to major losses to the affected enterprises, such as Holland bank burglary event of large amounts of deposited money. Therefore, Data backup and data destruction are overwhelming topic and concerned widely that any enterprises with large database should take it serious.

As the surge of world web and increasing competition, it is common that enterprise’s confidential documents and personal sensitive data were stolen. Manage to think it through, if the data in the disk doesn’t been removed permanently, and once it was gotten on hand by someone with ill-intention, the consequences will be disastrous. And thorough data destruction is a must and ultimate objective especially for government agencies, military who emphasize the thoroughness of data destruction. Therefore, to ensure data security is one of the core tasks of modern enterprises, government agencies and militaries. Meanwhile high standards for data destruction were required so as to destruct data permanently.

It was reported that SalvationDATA Technology LLC is about to release a multifunctional data backup and data destruction tool —-Data Copy King. As the first industrial-level data backup and data destruction tool combining disk image, disk clean and HDD diagnosis together, DCK is exclusive designed for large capacity hard drive with real-time data backup and data destruction transfer rate respectively up to 7.0GB/min and 8.0GB/min. and with 1-999 rounds of data destruction well overtaking the 1-99 rounds by DOD, it is fully capable of thorough data destruction of confidential and sensitive data.

In addition, opposite to data destruction, data backup should be place same importance, which is a fastest counter-measure solution preparing for contingencies dat. Nowadays most enterprises employ TB level storage devices, to backup such large capacity storage devices, if the employed tool with low transfer rate, it is surely a time-consuming project. While With data backup transfer rate up to 7GB/min and targeting to TB-level, it absolutely saves abundance of time.

And the chief engineer form SalvationDATA Technology said, with the excellent performance of DCK in data backup and data destruction, its upcoming surely will spearhead the domestic developing in info security field to a new era.