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DCK is the 2010 latest fastest data backup hardware designed for TB-level, PB-level storages medias supporting a data copy capacity of 131072TB, it is especially excellent and convenient fo videos backup, it can copy your video sources from the old server to the new server at a 7GB/min and you will get the intact data in the  new video storage Medias.

If you are a singer with a lot of MTV videos,  one actor with a lot of video clips,  researchers with large amount of valueable  video records of some animals, plants, special phenomenons, big events, etc; or if you are one teacher or professors with much video courses, you are the owner of one video website hosting thousands of videos or if you are hosting companies hosting thousands of videos websites, or if you are police officers with a great deal of important video crime scenes,  traffic records videos,  or if you are news Medias with a lot of video news, etc,  you must consider about a regular upgrade and backup for your videos.

The first thing you should consider is the video data backup cost, surely, the data backup efficiency is also very important. Combining these two requirements, data copy king is your best choice to maintain the data security of your videos. Whether you are going to upgrade your storage medias or transfer your videos from one place to another.

The top 10 video sharing websites worldwide:

Google Video
Yahoo! Video

Data Copy king is the best data backup hardware solutions to copy and backup videos.