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Disk Copy” does an exact sector-by-sector clone  of the hard-drive. The size of the clone will be exactly the same as the total size of the hard-drive. The image may contain multiple partitions, and also files that were previously marked as deleted but physically still exist on the drive (i.e., files that were not securely erased).
Upgrading hard disks

Disk Copy is specially useful if you want to replace the older smaller hard disk by a newer larger hard disk without having to install the Operating System and applications once again. The media used as destination should be of the same size as the source media or larger to ensure that all data will be copied.

Backup patient hard drives for data recovery-Secure your data

In case of hard disks with defective areas it is especially important to back up data to an intact medium before starting any recovery attempts because the recovery procedure may cause further defects resulting from the inherent exposure of this procedure, while the physical copying of Disk Copy causes much less exposure than any other usage due to its linear operation. After backup, you can perform a recovery on the destination medium without having to fear any further damages.

Data Copy King is designed as one TB-level physical sector by sector disk copy hardware with the highest data transfer speed of 7GB/min, the most important is that it ensures 100% identity to the original. Data Copy king is not only one disk copy hardware, it’s also one DoD disk wipe hardware wiping data securely at 8GB/min.