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When we are using our hard drives, due to the quality problem, life endurance or some accidental damages, our drives may become dead and we call it dead hard drives, undetected hard drives, silent drives and finally you lose your data. If you have regular data backups, then you just need a hammer for data destruction by data security. Otherwise, you need to figure out the best data recovery tools to repair and recover the dead hard drives.

Dead hard drives usually have the following features and failures:

* A lot of bad sectors
* Unstable with motor stuck, motor damage
* Platter scratched more or less
* Platter or head unstablely working
* Head damaged
* Firmware failure, Eg. 0MB displayed, wrong capacity read, not detected at all, etc.

Terrible failures? Are you frightened? Well, dead hard drives may not have all above failures but mostly you will meet. So what are the best tools to repair and recover the dead hard drives?

According to our research in the data recovery market, only one data recovery tools manufacturer has a complete solution for dead hard drives, that’s the Dolphin data recovery system:

Here is one complete guide to teach new clients how to select the most proper data recovery tools to start a data recovery business successfully or set up one in-house data recovery center.

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