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When we are using our hard drives, due to the quality problem, life endurance or some accidental damages, our drives may become dead and we call it dead hard drives, undetected hard drives,  silent drives and finally you lose your data. If you have regular data backups, then you just need a hammer for data destruction by data security. Otherwise, you need to figure out the best data recovery tools to repair and recover the dead hard drives.

Dead hard drives usually have the following features and failures:

* A lot of bad sectors
* Unstable with motor stuck, motor damage
* Platter scratched more or less
* Platter or head unstablely working
* Head damaged
* Firmware failure, Eg. 0 bytes displayed, wrong capacity read, not detected at all, etc.

Terrible failures? Are you frightened? Well, dead hard drives may not have all above failures but mostly you will meet. So what are the best tools to repair and recover the dead hard drives?

According to our research in the data recovery market, only one data recovery tools manufacturer has a complete solution for dead hard drives, that’s the 3+1 data recovery system which includes the following 3 data recovery tools:

HD HPE PRO: Used to open hard drives, swap heads or platters supporting 3.5″ and 2.5” ATA/SATA HDDs without spacer, for spacer drives, it requires good experience of clean room data recovery and hdd repair cases and requires a good understanding to the R/W heads and platters structure and the data storage principles on platters.


01: All-in-one head and platter replacement hardware, handling clicking drives (head damage), motor stuck drives, etc.
02: Easier and more reliable head or platter swap with the universal-fit workbench;
03: Swap multiple platters without affecting the alignment;
04: Perform easy removal or installation on the upper magnet of the actuator with our special designed Actuator Remover

Note:  Experience and practice are required for high success rate of head and platter replacement. Remember ‘Practice makes perfect’!

HD Doctor Suite: Used to repair firmware failure and restore hard drives of Seagate, Maxtor, Western Digital, Hitachi and Samsung;


01: Selective purchase of single HD Doctor is available-HD Doctor for Seagate, HD Doctor for Maxtor, HD Doctor for Western Digital, HD Doctor for Hitachi and HD Doctor for Samsung;
02: Perform different repair cases at the same time with different HD Doctors, efficiency improved;
03: Easy to use firmware and bad sectors repair hardware running on multiple PCs with one license key
04: Comprehensive drive diagnostics with ease and fast speed towards PCB, head stack, SA, firmware modules and media
05: “One-Click” password removal and auto firmware repair
06: Blocks any possible command that may do harm to the user data

Data Compass Premium: Used to image and recover lost data from bad sectors/unstable drives and RAID system with either logical failures or physical failures


01: Easily recover lost data due to file system corruption, virus infection, hard drive formatting, accidental deletion, operating system malfunction and so forth;
02: 70% higher success rate of data recovery than traditional data recovery tools from drives with lots of bad sectors or drives with clicking;
03: Hitachi firmware bypassing enables it a direct access to the data area even if there’s firmware corruption;
04: Recover only partitions/directories/files you need and recover data by selective head(s);

Until now, we can see that HD HPE PRO+HD Doctor Suite+Data Compass Premium is one data recovery hardware solution to repair and recover dead hard drives.

Besides repairing and recovering dead hard drives, this 3+1 data recovery solutions also repair and recover detected hard drives with logical failures, it is one most recommended data recovery solution with which you are able to provide comprehensive data recovery services.

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