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Logical bad sectors repairing and recovering is usually easy and many data recovery software or bad sector removal utilities.

Logical bad sectors includes the following failures:

* Verification errors including ECC(Error Correction Code) and CRC errors;

* IDNF errors;

* AMNG errors(Address mark not found)

* BBM errors(Bad block Mark)

For Windows 98 users, click the “Start ? Programs ? Accessories ? System Tools ? Disk Scan” menu item in the dialog box that appears,select the required scan area, select the “full”, “auto-fix errors “Options, click the” Start “button.

For Windows 2000/XP systems users, you can double-click to open “My Computer”, right-click the partition needs to be recovery, select “Properties” command in the dialog box that appears, click “Tools” button, Click “Error-checking” option group “Start Check” button. In the dialog box that appears select the “Automatically fix file system errors”, “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” option, click the “Start” button.

Through the above method, generally able to solve the logical bad sectors hard disk problems. If you can not normally into Windows, you can use a boot floppy disk to start the computer, and then type “Scandisk X:” (X for specific drive letter) to scan and repair the hard disk. Once found a bad sectors,the program will prompt you “Fixit” (restoration), select “Yes” and then began a restoration.

For most data recovery cases with above failure, you can do free data recovery by yourself or you can visit our ‘Data recovery tools‘ page and choose the best data recovery tool!

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