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There’s one Spanish data recovery training in Guadalajara Mexico for July 19th-21st held by Compuline! Compuline is one of the most famous laptop repair centers in Mexico! This is its first data recovery training after its entry into the partnership with SalvationDATA.

Compuline was focusing on laptop repair and recovery services to Mexican market and has been expanding its services to a much wider range of computer repair, data recovery and data security services including laptop repair and recovery, data recovery from desktop, data recovery from USB flash drives, data backup, data clean services and even now data recovery training services to the whole Latin American market since its entry into the partnership with SalvationDATA since April 15th, 2010. We are very sure Compuline will play a more and more important role in the Latin American data recovery and computer training market.

Who should attend this training?

There’s a high demand of data recovery from damaged hard drives and data recovery software is very limited to handle such damaged medias and therefore, many small and middle-sized data recovery companies or IT companies are limited too to expand their services to this field. Compuline has equipped themselves with the best data recovery hardware solutions and tools plus with their long history of computer repair and this data recovery training is arranged to meet the requirements of those who are going to promote their data recovery services to a higher level to handle firmware corruption cases, head/platter swap cases and other kind of mechanical components’ exchange. If you are new to data recovery field, this data recovery training is also helpful by introducing you the best data recovery tools to get, share with you about the data recovery tricks and tips and the most important you will see a live model of one successful data recovery lab and its running status.

Contact Compuline

Mr. Alberto Navarro
Phone: (33) 3617-5783, 3618-5611

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