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Hard disk drives of different brand has not exactly the same boot process. Understanding the boot process of hard drives helps the diagnosis of the patient hard drive to see which part of the drive gets damaged and therefore you can find a fast and correct hdd repair solution with the best hdd repair tools!

Seagate Boot process for seagate hard drives are as following:

step 1: Power up the drive

step 2: wait until the voltage is stable

step 3: R/w test and peripheral equipment test to MCU, register and SDRAM, if returning with errors, it enters infinite Loop

step 4: Test if there’s external flash-load flash and verify-load inner flash-hard drive motor start up

step 5: Load defect list, APP interface program and if AGE=50, load ATATNPO, SMART and other modules-load CERT diagnosis mode

step 6: Load completes, hard drive starts up and wait for instruction.

HD doctor for Seagate is recommended to fully diagnose different failures of Seagate hard drives including PCB, firmware corruption, bad sectors and even heads problem.

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