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One recent data recovery survey on 200 IT managers of small and mid-sized businesses in March to investigate what they perceive to be security threats, as well as preventive measures that they are taking against these threats. Somewhat surprisingly, the threat of data loss has emerged as the top cyber-security challenge or threat identified by these managers. Specifically, this is an area that is cause for concern for 37 percent of the polled managers. For reference, “evolved” forms of current attacks such as viruses and worms rated second at 24 percent, while targeted malicious attacks are third at 18 percent.

Another recent data recovery survey on over 600 IT security and IT support practitioners who are involved in their organization’s data security or data recovery operations. According to the findings, 79 percent of these respondents report their organizations have used or will continue to use a third-party data recovery service provider to recover lost data. Recovery services are most often used when data files are damaged or lost and a back-up copy is not readily available.

The study reveals the uncertainty IT security and IT support practitioners have about their organizations’ ability to safeguard sensitive and confidential information during the data recovery process. Specifically, there seems to be a lack of confidence that a data breach will not occur when using a third-party data recovery service.

The uncertainty about the ability to protect data when it is in the hands of third-parties can be attributed to the finding that only 20 percent of respondents believe data security is a major criterion when selecting a third-party data recovery service provider.

During the survies, they mentioned many different data loss threats they have met as following:

a frequent occurrence in their organizations, according to 87 percent of respondents, is the crashing of hard disks on desktops or laptops and the content has not been backed up. Other data recovery problems faced by organizations include the corruption of data because of a software glitch and there is no backup (53 percent) and the failure of data recovery operations resulting in the permanent loss of data (52 percent).


In order to secure your data, we strongly recommend businesses set up their own in-house data recovery center and train some IT staffs to use professional data recovery hardware.

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