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According to the Internetworldstats, the global internet users of 2010 reach 1,966,514,816, which is about 28.7% of the total population. The growth rate from 2000 to 2010 has exceeded 444%. What are following this fast growing IT industry are paperless offices, e-government, rapid expanding PC, hard drive, flash drive market and a large number of other data storage devices and at the same time increasing data security problems aroused: data loss, data leakage and data burglary.

‘Cyberspace is a domain that we need to defend, just like the air, land, and sea,’ One AFCC (Air Force Cyberspace Command) commander said.

The government has listed computer-based attacks among the greatest threats to national security. This may mean a growing demand of data recovery services and data recovery tools.

The National Security Council has ranked cyberattacks alongside terrorism, international military crisis, major accidents and natural hazards as top priorities to be tackled by the coalition government.

The body’s National Security Strategy paper claimed Britain was facing “an age of uncertainty” as attacks become less predictable.

“Cybercrime has been estimated to cost as much as $1 trillion per year globally, with untold human cost,” according to the report.

“Major British companies are increasingly anxious about the impact of cybercrime on their bottom line and the resilience of the networks upon which commerce relies.”

Officials also expect there to be a host of cyberattacks during the 2012 Olympic Games as Beijing was hit by 12 million attacks a day when it hosted the competition in 2008.

From Ontrack, we have more confirmed some of the above fact that data recovery tools including both data recovery hardware and data recovery software may be in a growing demand in some time.

Besides, we find one very possible fact:

The hard drives data recovery market is still very strong and it will last for at least 5 years:
1, The manufacturing cost of hard drives is lower than that of SSD;
2, If users store data in SSD and get lost, users need to spend a lot of money for SSD data recovery or the data is not able to be recovered at all with the current ssd data recovery technologies and tools;
3, SSD is much more expensive than hard drives for both data recovery and repair, you can find few companies or shops which can do the both;

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