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Chengdu, Nov 22, 2010—SalvationDATA Technology(SD), the leader in data recovery and hard drive repair hardware solutions, announced today its new data recovery solution for failed hard drives of Western Digital ROYL families suffering head damage. SD’s mater 3+1 data recovery system is engineered to deliver an accurate, reliable, hardware and software integrated data recovery solution.

Each Data loss situation can be different and the causes are often interrelated, not to say common PC users, but some professional data recovery engineers failed to evaluate the situation due to the received mixed messages or lack of proper data recovery tools to diagnose and restore the drives. In reality, approximately 80% of lost data can be retrieved but hundreds of thousands of gigabytes (GB) of data have been lost simply because users were not aware of their options and gave up hope of recovery. Head damage is one of the ‘hot potatoes’ as one common data recovery case. Data recovery companies usually charge over 1000USD to handle such kind of cases because the drive with head damage must be opened in the clean room, the clean room engineers must use professional head or platter swap tools to perform the exchange with donor heads or drives and finally use professional data extracting tools to recover the lost data. Unfortunately, few data recovery companies have been equipped well with all of those things to deliver a high success rate of recovery to their customers.

Hard drives with head damage are very sensitive and you must consider a good solution to avoid a second damage or the retrievable data become permanently lost. Data recovery cases of head damage are very common in our data recovery labs. Why? It’s actually quite amazing how close to the surface of the platters the heads fly without touching. To put it into perspective, a modern hard disk has a floating height of an amazing 0.5 microinches. A human hair has a thickness of over 2,000 microinches! You can see why keeping dirt out of the hard disk is so important! In fact, the floating height of a hard disk is smaller than the circuit size of a microprocessor. What’s even more amazing is how much abuse these hard disks can take when they are placed in laptop PCs, for example, given these facts, and how many people take this technology for granted every day. That’s also why it’s always suggested to shut down your computer while your drive suffers clicking noises until you find real professional data recovery companies for look into your cases.

Data Compass, the core product of SalvationDATA 3+1 data recovery system is announced today with a new solution to western digital hard drives of ROYL families to fix the head damage and recover the lost data by loading from the primary head of secondary head. Users of it don’t need to be equipped with clean room because the drives with head damage are not required to be opened and you don’t need to spend time and dollars to search or buy donor heads or drives. All you need to do is to click some simple buttons and boot the drives again.

“This cutting-edge technology is aimed to solve that WD ROYL hard drives cannot be booted when one of the main heads fails to work. This malfunction usually has following symptoms: power on the HDD, the motor spins up, the heads starts seeking and give “cackling” sound, the motor stops after trying two or three times. There are two copies of WD firmware, one is stored on logical head 0(primary head), the other is on logical head 1(secondary head); if both the primary head and secondary head are damaged, you may not use this technology because there’s no firmware stored in other heads”, Said Mr. Sebean Koehler, one clean room data recovery engineer of SalvationDATA.

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