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Seagate drives can function both in regular mode (Normal mode, when a drive during start reads its firmware
(microprogram) and data from disk surface and initiates the user interface) and in Safe mode. In the latter case, the
drive does not spin-up the spindle motor and does not read the service information switching to terminal command
mode. Although the selection of features available through the terminal in Safe mode is rather limited, it provides the minimum set of actions required for work with a HDD that produces knocking sounds. In particular, you can set the flag for initialization of adaptive data and overwrite service data partially or completely .

Safe Mode has to be applied when a drive does not report on readiness in normal mode, e.g., because its heads are hitting a limiting stop or because the drive is freezing. To switch to Safe mode, you have to send the Safe mode signal to the drive and then power it up. The drive at that must switch immediately to terminal command mode.

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