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According to the industrial investigations, clean room data recovery has occupied up to 40% of the total revenue in the data recovery industry. Once being “a headache”, the clean room data recovery technology has become one of the marker posts for numerous companies to evaluate their technical level in the industry. Now we start with classifying the hard drive failures or malfunctions, aimed to analyse the technical difficulties in the clean room data recovery and to clear up the key points during the recovery procedure.

The hard drive failures can be usually divided into two categories: Hardware and Software failures. For more detailed categories within the industry, there are four: logical data recovery, physical data recovery, bad sector data recovery, and firmware repair and recovery. Besides the logical data recovery due to the mis-operation, mis-format, and partition table errors, the common physical failures or malfunctions needs clean room for data recovery, such as head damage, head noises, motor damage, PCB damages, etc.
As the hard drive rotating faster and faster, and its storage increasing more and more, the various failures and malfunctions become more and more frequent. Clean room data recovery has occupied up to 40% of the total revenue in the data recovery industry, said by a seasoned technician who has being engaged in data recovery for many years. According to him, most of the people who have some knowledge about PC can deal with the basic logical data recovery, with the assistance of the related software which can be downloaded from the internet; but the physical data recovery (for example the clean room data recovery), and the firmware repair and recovery required professional equipments and experienced technicians.

Clean room data recovery once considered the MOST difficult part in data recovery

How to deal with the clean room data recovery

As we all know, the production of hard drive is very complicated and has extreme requirements on production environments. A tiny dust might cause scratch on the platters. Because of the extreme requirements on production environments, the data recovery which needs disassembling the hard drives also requires conditions similar to its production, that is the clean room which is famous within the data recovery industry.

After disassembling the hard drive, the platter is uncovered and exposed to any possible damgaes even in the clean room, resulted from the reasons like the cleanness in the clean room, the difference between technician’s skills, the inconsistent matching between head donors. These reason might cause bad sectors in the hard drive, which will influence the success of the data recovery.

The data recovery software can’t deal with the physical bad sectors generated from the hard drive disassembling. In these cases, the technician usually needs to choose the professional tools, which can read the bad sectors many times with multiple methods. The professional data recovery tools can also read the data after jumping over the completely damaged sectors, to avoid accidents like that the hard drive gets stuck and stops working.
The top-rated data recovery tool, Data Compass 2011 was launched recently by SalvationDATA, the world famous developer and manufacturer in the data recovery industry. It has powerful abilities to deal with the bad sectors. Different from other tools, Data Compass 2011 provides 6 read methods including read forward, read backward; and it can also configure the read times. Its exclusive technologies can recover data from bad sectors which had been damaged to different degree, including High Efficiency Power Supply System (HEPSS), ShadowDisk Technology, Dynamic-Balanced Enhanced Read (DBER) Technology, Automatical Data Backup Running Technology. Data Compass 2011 is the most efficient tool for bad sectors resulted from the hard drive disassembling at present.

It’s known that more than 95% professional data recovery companies have chosen the Data Compass 2011 from SalvationDATA as a standard equipment. Data Compass 2011 is not only necessary for a capable data recovery company, but also is the key point of success in the business.

Conclusion: Generally speaking, two points need to be careful during the clean room data recovery. One point is to choose the suitable clean room and tools when disassembling the hard drive. Now SalvationDATA Data Compass is widely used together with the Class 100 data recovery clean room in China. Another one is to choose the professional data extraction tools, which are prepared typically for the bad sectors resulted from the hard drive disassembling.