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*  ID – module identifier.
*  Copy – copy number.

*  Importance – information about the importance of a given module for HDD operation or user data integrity.

Modules are ranked into four groups according to their importance: A, B, C, and D arranged in the descending

A – essential modules; they are individual for every drive.
B – main modules; as a rule, they are identical in all drives within a family.
? – additional modules of auxiliary tables; they can be simply cleared.
D – secondary modules, which do not affect normal HDD operation; however, they are used for optional
procedures, such as Selfscan, etc.
In addition, s, d, and r characters indicate the modules pertaining to actual drive operation (s – system) or just
to user data (d – data) or to service features of HDD restoration (r – repair). Please see details on modules’
importance in section 8.1.2.

*  Cyl – number of the SA cylinder where a module is located.
*  Head – number of the head corresponding to the module location.
*  Sector – number of the initial module sector.
*  Size – module size in sectors.
*  Read – the flag indicating the result of reading all sectors of a module, it may take Yes/No value.
*  Hdr – the flag indicating the result of module header validation, it may take OK/Error value. Module header is
considered to be erroneous if its date is invalid or if its identifier differs from the one specified in the Modules table.
*  CS – the result of checksum calculation and verification for a module, it may take Yes/No value.
*  Date – module date stored in its header.
*  Vers – module version necessary while overwriting damaged modules.
*  Description – brief description of module purpose (when known).

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