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Fujitsu HDD repair is characterized by some peculiarities. They include the presence of resident microprocessor code (overlay), a large number of incompatible firmware versions, and differences in the HDA construction and service data structure even in the same models with different dates of manufacture. All of the above complicates initial fault diagnostics and selection of control board for replacement in case of its malfunction. Still, there are some general methods applicable for malfunction search.

Flash ROM Chip Failure & Fix

Problems with Flash ROM microchip in many Fujitsu drive families are relatively rare. However, data corruption or erasure still can happen to Flash ROM chips. The board in such cases demonstrates “no signs of life” or the drive operation may look erratic. Diagnostics of such malfunction requires reading the Flash ROM contents and its subsequent comparison to a reference value. If the drive starts operation and reports on readiness, Flash ROM can be read through the “Work with ROM” option of the utility. If the drive does not reach the ready status, then the ROM contents can be read in Kernel mode only (provided that the utility supports such an opportunity for the selected family) or you can read it in a ROM programmer having unsoldered the ROM chip first.

ATTENTION! When you compare the Flash ROM contents to the reference value, keep in mind the flags byte (at 2Bh
from ROM beginning) and adaptive HDA data  as they are individual for each specific drive model. That is why during comparison their contents may turn out to be different. Adaptive data are used in MHM2xxxAT and MHN2xxxAT drive families.

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