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HDD malfunctions are frequently caused by damage to drive controller board. In order to restore access to user data on the drive, you have to install a functional board from another drive of the same family using an identical firmware version.

With Barracuda drives, the method is applicable to all families except for Barracuda II. In the latter drive family replacement of the electronics board borrowed from a donor drive may cause overwriting of some data in Flash memory. After that the swapped electronics board stops working both with the HDA of the drive being restored and with its native HDA. To minimize problems with Barracuda II, before board replacement you will have to read the donor ROM firmware using HD Doctor for Seagate or unsolder the ROM chip from donor PCB, read its firmware in a programmer device, then solder it back. Thus, if you encounter problems with spontaneous reprogramming of donor Flash ROM you will be able to restore its original contents.

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