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It’s very important to read some hdd error codes when you are using some Seagate hdd repair tools like pc3k or hd doctors within their cmd mode.  If an error is detected, a drive outputs to terminal its code and brief additional information.  E.g.:    “Code – FE  Track 19A1.3.06E  Sns E00  Rty F7FF.FF.80FF  Rtf 1C00” – “FE” error.

The error codes are explained as follows:

00: No error
03: Calculated CRC doesn’t match the expected value
11: Spin error
12: Ramp load error
13: Offtrack
14: Write fault
15: Rd/wr seek timeout code
16: Seek timeout
17: “False” AMDET (mis-timed)
18: Bad burst error code
19: Bad Grey code
1A: Early sync code
1B: Missed am
1C: Failed the servo defect screen threshold
1E: Target generator sector error
1F: Physical sector error

20: Skip write detected using servo burst
22: NRZ freeze occurred (A=A’)&(B=B’)&(C=C’)&(D=D’)
29: Thermal Asperity errors padded in test 36.
30: Data miscompares
32: Slipped write error (a defective sector, which could not be recorded)
33: Adaptives are not loaded
34: Unexpected ECC verify read failure
35: Unexpected ECC verify read success
36: Pending block encountered during a write
37: Pending block encountered and read successfully
41: Long ECC error correction code
42: Non zero byte detected
43: Data ECC error
44: FIFO over/underrun
45: Track ID miscompare error
46: Track ID read TO code

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