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ACE PC3000 is the core data recovery hardware product offered by ACE Laboratory which is located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Let’s see the possibility of investing in PC3000 and start data recovery business.

What Data Recovery Tools ACE Offer?

Price Structure 1:

PC-3000 for Windows UDMA-2877 EUR-Hard Drives
Data Extractor UDMA-1680 EUR-Hard Drives
PC-3000 for SCSI-2900 EUR-SCSI Drives
Data Extractor SCSI-1387 EUR-SCSI Drives
PC-3000 Flash-1775 EUR-Flash Drives
PC-3000 Portable-1519 EUR-Flash Drives

Price Structure 2:
(Usually for North American Market)

PC-3000 for Windows (UDMA Version):  $9,870.00
Data Extractor UDMA: $3,650.00
PC-3000 for SCSI : $11,380.00
Data Extractor SCSI : $3,650.00
PC-3000 Flash: $4,850.00

PC3k UDMA is usually working with Data Extractor UDMA, so if you are going to provide hard drive hdd repair and data recovery services, you need to buy PC3k UDMA+DE UDMA which is not portable. If you want to provide portable hdd repair services, you need to use PC-3000 Portable. If you want to provide for SCSI hard drive repair and data recovery, you need to buy PC-3000 for SCSI and Data Extractor for SCSI. If you want to provide Flash repair and data recovery services, you need to buy PC3000 Flash, and it’s now Flash SSD version.

ACE PC-3000 Software Upgrade and Technique Support Review

PC-3000 Flash Software Upgrade: $960.00
PC-3000 Software Upgrade License/year: $1,860.00
Premier technical support/month): $875.00

From PC-3000 for Windows PCI and PC-3000 for DOS ISA to PC-3000 UDMA and DE UDMA,  from PC3000 for SCSI to DE for SCSI, from PC-3000 flash to the new Flash SSD version, as one of PC-3000 customers, I see the development of ACE but it’s very very hard for me to keep the PC-3000 running well with the continuing software upgrade and endless payment for it, plus with the to-be-paid for good technique services. Besides I found every two or three years ACE would release a new version of tools to replace the old existing tools and customers need to pay again and again for the new versions, this is ridiculous!

We can see the latest upgrade of PC3000 UDMA and DE UDMA, it was on January 19th this year, and the last upgrade was on 15th of July 2010, it is over half a year to get some upgrades in this tool. Why is it so slow there?  Does it mean there will be other new data recovery tools from ACE which will replace the current PC3000 UDMA and DE UDMA? Does it mean we need again to prepare the same money or more for the new upgrade?

Possibility of Investing in PC-3000 to Start Data Recovery Business

For big data recovery companies with experienced data recovery engineers, ACE-PC3000 is undoubtedly a good choice because you don’t need to worry about if you are able to read and understand the technical documents, you need to worry about spending 1 or 2 years to be familiar with the tools, you don’t need to worry about endless payment to keep the tools running and get support.

For Small data recovery companies or other common IT companies, I am afraid you need to think very carefully before investing in the tools:

1st:  The fund to pay-Thousands of dollars for tools, upgrade and support and it’s like to bring up your own child, I often have joke with my friends, ‘my child defeat me and tear up my pocket’!
2nd: Prepare yourself. ACE is more like one technology based company and it writes scripts or manufacture tools mainly for advanced users or engineers. You must firstly equip yourself with some experience and knowledge in computer science, data security, etc; otherwise, you will lose yourself there;
3rd: Data Recovery Resources. It’s far away from enough to succeed in this field by owning some data recovery tools, but you should have good data recovery resources like a good firmware database, donor heads archive, PCB suppliers or stock, tricks and tips collection books, etc.

According to my experience, It’s possible you can start to earn money from the second year. but you must make sure you have a good marketing plan for your data recovery services which will bring you clients and reputation and you must make sure you have a high success rate of hdd repair and data recovery. Anyway, I am in computer repair and data recovery field for 15 years, you can think about it. I just hope ACE is able to change their overbearing policies that get many users to be driven crazy.

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