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Mumbai-March 21st: As one of the best equipped data recovery training center and data recovery services provider in Mumbai, Data Recovery Factory announced today one amazing free data recovery training and sharing program for all the indian local customers. All people who are interested in finding out the 5th generation data recovery tools and technologies and starting data recovery business can make best use of this opportunity and make something out.

Detailed Address for the free data recovery training:
Flat no 3 , Kanchanganga Society, Next to Balbharti School , Kandivli West, Mumbai, India
6PM-8PM, Every last Friday of each month
Email: info[at][at] at with @)

Data recovery factory is one of SalvationDATA data recovery training centers and distributors in Mumbai, India and use all of SalvationDATA data recovery tools to provide comprehensive data recovery services to the local customers. As the capacity of storage medias, especially hard drives is increasing rapidly and large amount of data are stored daily and modified or cleaned. Frequent data read and write to the storage media will sooner or later cause problems such as head damage, bad sectors, firmware corruption and also other kind of physical damages like PCB burnt out, platter scratches, etc due to some accidents. Until 2010, India has about 81,000,000 internet users which is about 6.9% of the population 1,173,108, 018 per ITU and this number is still increasing fast. We can imagine how many users may face the threats of data loss each day.  We have obviously found out in India more and more traditional IT companies are begining to invest in a new data recovery lab or start new data recovery business. SalvationDATA therefore cooperated with Data Recovery Factory in Mumbai to launch the new free data recovery training and consultation program to help those new ones and help with the development, Harmony and orderof the indian data recovery market.

By the free data recovery training and consultation, you will learn how much necessary you may budget, what kind of knowledge you need to have, what kind of tools you need to use and what kind of price terms you will make and the most important is that Data Recovery Factory will share its years’ accumulated data recovery tips and tricks for your faster access to the success of data recovery business.

Data recovery Salon welcomes your comments and share with us your ideas, suggestions and experience. Data recovery salon is dedicated in sharing the most useful data recovery information with our users and only if you are good at data recovery or related knowledge, please kindly drop us an email and we will publish your article here. We need to make data recovery Salon to be the most professional and free data recovery E-book online.