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47: Missed data sync byte
48: Missed data sync after a split
49: Thermal asperity code
4A: Error didn’t repeat during dynamic sparing mini cert (usually refers to cases of log overflow)
4B: Error log full
4C: Controller stopped without a reason
4D: Error reassigned during dynamic sparing
4E: Block release timeout error
4F: Buffer ready error
50: Slipped sector (P-List)
51: Alternated sector (G-List)
52: Pad and fill defects
53: Hard error w/AT retries no error with full retries (instability)
54: Error during scratchfill
55: Bad alt dest ID info (all messages refer to Niwot addressing whenever alternative destination is mentioned)
56: Unable to find valid alt dest
57: Unable to delete alt dest
58: Too many defects per head
59: Too many defects per track
5A: Too many dynamic slips
5C: Unknown full slip failure
5E: Pad and fill defects
5F: Entire defect span was not found in User Defect List
60: No spares available (for reassignment of defective sectors, tracks, servo labels and any resources required for the
current operation in general)
61: Write blocked w/o a reason
62: Write gate came on early
63: Write gate went off late
64: GC thermal sensor fault detected
65: Shock sensor fault detected
66: Attempt made to write at the wrong target location.
68: FW initiated disc sequencer reset
69: FW sequencer abort; split sector runaway RG
70: Bad disc resident cert/diag code
71: Unable to read system sectors code
72: Unable to read packwriter auto-stamp
73: Invalid defect info loaded
74: Invalid alt info table (usually refers to reserved defect lists)
88: Unable to learn good zap on track
89: Cylinder to be skipped out in loopback test
8A: Wedge slipped (track portion from sector xxx to sector yyy)
8B: Write ID failed
8C: Cylinder padded (physical coordinates apply to two cylinders at once – translator problems)
8D: Cylinder filled in
8E: Cylinder skipped out
8F: Max cylinder skips has been reached
90: Zapped burst
91: 2 consecutive zapped bursts
92: Too many zapped bursts on a track
93: Unable to zap – 2 consecutive bad bursts
94: Sumsquare of PES (one of adaptive parameters) on this track exceeds limit
95: Unable to zap bad burst
96: Too many position plus velocity threshold breaks
97: Zapped splice code
98: Encroachment code (any corruption of servo packets)
99: Max number of slipped tracks has been reached
9A: The slipped cyl requested does not exist.
9B: Head switch timeout error code
A0: Preamp miscommunication
A1: Reserve track defect list bad
A2: Boot adaptives bad
A3: Bad application code
A4: Not enough sectors saved to the disc for adaptives
A5: Application code checksum error
A6: Application code not compatible
CE: Cert test passed
CF: Cert test failed
ED: Attempt to write the user slip list but no valid list
FB: Missing critical parameter
FC: Command aborted (internal only)
FD: R/w command rejected
FE: Invalid address passed to Niwot
FA: Un-initialized preamp code for new preamp interface
FF: Unsupported code in the new preamp interface.

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