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Compared with hard drive data recovery, flash drive data recovery can be mostly more difficult. We know the key factors to consider with a hdd recovery case is the firmware module, the bad sectors,  the heads and the platters and while we should consider the page ID, page structure, the channels,  the controller type, the data combination algorithm, etc for one flash drive data recovery case especially when we are recovering data from the chips.

Flash memory chips have many types of IC packages and different numbers of pins and flip-flops. BGA(Ball Grid Array) and TSOP(Thin small-outline packages) packages are two popular surface mount chip types among all. BGA uses a grid of solder balls as its connectors and it’s famous for its compact size, high lead count and low inductance, which allows lower voltages to be used while TSOP has features of very low-profile about 1mm , tight lead spacing as low as 0.5mm, high pin count and small volume which enables it to be used frequently for RAM or Flash memory ICs.

Flash BGA chip data recovery

Flash BGA chip data recovery

Flash data recovery from Tsop chips

Flash data recovery from Tsop chips

We can find many flash data recovery software and even freewares to recover data from flash drives if it’s just data loss due to accidental deletion, format, clone or some other kind of simple logical causes; Anyway, if it’s controller corruption, physical damage to the flash drives, you need to remove the chips from the flash drives, you must have both the desoldering tools and flash data recovery tools and you must have the experience to do all of these. Otherwise you may suffer permanent data loss due to a single damage to the pins or solder balls.

For flash data recovery hardware solution, we have found three choices in the market right now: Soft Center Russia, ACE Russia and SalvationDATA China. SalvationDATA recently announced its newly manufactured BGA chip socket for 12*17, 13*17 and 14*18 which enables its exisitng SD flash doctor make a faster pace to better support both TSOP and BGA chips.

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