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As one advanced forensic examiner, you can be interested in learning more about this kind of chip-off forensic training courses. These courses will give you a good guide on a complete view on the mobile devices’ structure, memory location and how to properly and safely extract memory and other chips from mobile devices for forensic purposes.

We can find recently many different kind of natual disasters  took place there more and more frequently. Earthquake, tsunami, fire, tornado and other kind of accidents which are able to damage your mobile devices and cause data loss. There  are also other kind of malicious attack and damage from the human beings such as spys,  thiefs, criminals, etc. At this time, it’s very important to have one advanced forensic examiner to go with the case and find out the potential evidence.

Teel Technologies is one professional mobile forensic training provider and it entered into partnership with the leader of data recovery tools-SalvationDATA to give all the students both training and the tools to be used for flash chip data recovery and evidence collection.

Part of the training courses:

  • Data recovery, including deleted data, from Mobile Devices and Flash memory with TSOPNAND memory. Many of today’s smartphones include NAND memory, and some, such as the iPhone 2G/3G models, include TSOP NAND.
  • The process provides a true Physical read of the chip, thus creating a real archival copy.
  • Data retrieval from SD Memory of various types.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of mobile devices to resurrect broken devices and enable powering up wherever possible.
  • Skills to acquire data from removed chips and the ability to parse and analyze the recovered data.

More details are available here with Teel Technologies