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May 3rd, 2011, Brugnera, Italy-International Recovery Service (IRS) said today they will have data recovery training courses from May23 to May26 in Brugnera. Data Recovery Training is usually necessary for those who are new to start data recovery business and those who want to improve their skills and those who have a allowed budget.

The data recovery training in Brugnera can be held either in Italian or English and it has given its attendes a lot of opportunities and real time case studies to learn from high-class data recovery engineers and different way of thinking of  handling hard drive malfunctions.

This data recovery training covers courses of basic data recovery knowledge,  cloning and data extraction technologies,  hard drive diagonosis and repair step by step,  head/platter swap steps and tips,  etc. Please get more details here.

Apply for this data recovery training now:

International Recovery Service (I.R.S.)
Headquartered in Italy
Viale Europa 13 Z.I. Casut
33070 Brugnera (PN) Italy

phone: +39 0434 627897
fax +39 0434 606409

You can also email to info[at] to apply for the training.