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Having been used by thousands of data recovery companies, IT services companies, data centers or IT departments of enterprises and public sectors, Data Compass plus HD HPE PRO become undoubtedly the top rated data recovery hardware package in 2011.

According to one of our surveys on the 120 data centers in different fields, 70% of them reported they got more and more physical damaged hard drive cases, while 45% of the cases belong to laptop damage. These physical damaged cases are usually caused by angry or careless people, power failure, robbery, fire, floods, natural disasters including earthquake, Tsunamis, Tornado and the hard drive quality and life endurance impact. Data Compass plus HD HPE PRO are almost used round the clock to handle these physically damaged cases.

Most physical damaged hard drive data recovery cases deliver symptoms of clicking or knocking noises, complete silence, not being detected, platter scratches, smell of burn, etc. Usually the IT staffs or data recovery engineers need to find a donor drive first and then use HD HPE PRO to open the patient hard drive in a clean room or clean bench, and then swap the head or remove the platters onto a donor drive. Sometimes you need to clean the platters before swap because of water damage, fire damage, etc.

However, whenever the drive is detected, before or after the swap, you must image all the possible data using Data Compass instead of recovering data directly from the patient drives to avoid further damage causing permanent data loss. Data Compass is especially good at imaging or recovering data from these unstable drives after head or platter swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors. The most important is the use of Data Compass doesn’t require complicated technology background, common IT staffs are able to use it to its best performance.

Data Compass plus HD HPE PRO supports all the hard drives and it is one must-have data recovery hardware package for both data recovery companies or IT services companies to expand their business.

Note: we recently don’t have any upgrade news on these tools and therefore, customers just take this information for reference or buy at their own risks.