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Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, the sixth most populous, and the seventh largest in Internet usage. It is very large and makes up half of South America. In May 2010, Brazil internet users reach 73 million and its IT services have been experiencing an ever-increasing period. Competition there becomes more and more intense.

MICROBACKUP is one of the IT service providers in Brazil dealing professionally in data backup, digital security solutions, computer training, computer support, domain, network, firewall and IT consulting and not long ago MICROBACKUP decided to expand its IT business to data recovery which requires much higher in technicians, equipments and budget. It’s obvious that MICROBACKUP has seen greater awareness of the importance of backing up mission critical information to preserve business continuity, yet the reality is that it’s just a matter of when, not if, a severe data loss will occur. It proves now MICROBACKUP beats its competitors by gaining more and more customers including PC users, enterprise organizations, as well as storage media vendors. A better news is that data recovery business brings its other IT services up due to customers’ consuming preference in one-stop services provider.

SalvationDATA data recovery tools play an important role in MICROBACKUP data recovery labs and they are almost used round the clock to help with lost data recovery from different brands of hard drives, flash drives, server RAIDs, etc whether they suffer accidental deletion, format, virus attack, firmware corruption or head damage, bad sectors, motor stuck or fire damage, water damage, etc.

So far, MICROBACKUP cooperates closely with SalvationDATA and has been using the latest advanced data recovery technologies and solutions, exhausting every attempt at recovering each byte of valuable data for hundreds of customers in different industries of Brazil. This gives SalvationDATA more confidence to work the same way with its other customers worldwide.

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